How To Create No-Fail Hot Content

by Guest Author on November 24, 2008 · 3 comments

As part of our Guest Blogger series – Donna Fontenot, aka DazzlinDonna – founder of SEO-Scoop and well respected Internet Marketeer highlights her keys to creating ‘no-fail hot content’.

Would you like your site content to rank well? Would you like your content to draw links like nails to a magnet? There is one strategy you can use to make sure the content you create is almost guaranteed to be a hit – and in the process it gathers backlinks and ranks well. This strategy isn’t some secret ninja tactic that would get your site banned if the search engines found out about it either. In fact, it’s a tactic that the search engines would be happy to recommend to all site owners.
And while the actual creation of the content may take some time and effort, the concept is extremely simple. So what is this awesome strategy?

Give users something they’ve asked for that no one else has provided (or can’t be easily found).

Here’s the process I like to use.

Step One: Monitor your niche. This might mean joining forums and communities within your niche, setting up Google alerts, listening for relevant tweets, or monitoring Q&A sites such as Yahoo Answers to see who is talking about what within your niche.

The Goal of Step One: Discover what people want to know about your niche. What questions are being asked?

Step Two: Search for answers to the questions discovered in Step One. Act like a normal user, and search the search engines and answer sites for content that answers the users’ questions.

The Goal of Step Two: You’ll learn three things. a) Does an answer exist within a reasonable search analysis (first 30 search results)? b) If answers do exist, are they comprehensive? Can they be improved upon? c) What’s missing?

Step Three: Create your new content strategy. After determining which questions need answers, create an outline that groups them into logical sections.

The Goal of Step Three: Having a solid plan to determine what content needs to be created, and how they will be logically grouped together.

Step Four: Create the content that answers the users’ questions.
Some articles will need to be researched. Some will require fancy graphs or charts or other visual aids to make the content stand out as an improvement upon the competitions’ content. Your own research is required to determine what form each piece of content must take.

The Goal of Step Four: Supply UNIQUE content that hasn’t been done before that specifically addresses questions users have had in the past about your niche.

By supplying this unique content, you are almost guaranteed to accomplish the following:

  1. Give users exactly what they want, because you are answering the very questions they’ve had.
  2. Give search engines UNIQUE content that practically guarantees a good ranking since the competition doesn’t exist.
  3. Give other related sites great reasons to link to your site.

Just in case you’ve already forgotten the secret sauce to creating hot content, it was this:

Give users something they’ve asked for that no one else has provided (or can’t be easily found).

About Donna Fontenot:

Donna Fontenot, aka DazzlinDonna, is an Internet Entrepreneur and SEO, who has long utilized search engine optimization and affiliate marketing to create a successful online business. Her goal as an ebusiness coach is to help others make a living online from the comfort of their homes (and in their pajamas). Her motto is “You’ll never shine if you don’t glow.”

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Jaan Kanellis November 27, 2008 at 4:32 pm

Solid post. Answering people questions in your specific niche is sure fire way to appease the visitors to your website and create new ones.

peteyoung December 1, 2008 at 2:04 pm

Totally agree – in fact what better for a post about Hot Content than to see it come in with around 47 Sphinns at last count.

Congrats Donna

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