The importance of thinking local

by Peter Young on October 21, 2008 · 0 comments

Following on from Michael Grays (aka GrayWolf) post on Ferraris SEO and PPC Practise in the States (or lack of it), I decided to take a look at how they fare on a European basis, with a couple of suprises.

The biggest suprise (suprisingly) was their visibility in the core Italian market

Ferrari IT

Ferrari IT

On many prominent brand searches, you will often found what are termed sitelinks (simplistically – given by Google where they deem a site to be authoritative enough). In Ferraris case they have six sitelinks (looks like two have been blocked), all in English.

Now you may ask yourself so what – however the issue here is, the search was performed on, thus the vast majority of users are going to be Italian, speak Italian and thus be looking for the Italian site. Given the vast array of interests Ferrari have, it is suprising therefore that further consideration hasn’t been given to make these SItelinks more ‘useful’.

It should be noted that local SEO best practise seems to have been followed on many of the other ‘local’ sites such as Germany, and even the UK (which has its very own site), which made it all the more suprising when looking at the Italian visibility.  Moving further afield I would suggest similar potential issues may also affect new potential markets such as China and the Middle East (see below)

Ferrari AE

Ferrari AE

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest things to get right from an SEO perspective these days (particularly with Google Webmaster Tools), and should be considered particularly in key local markets. Whilst there is the consideration, that many users will speak English, it is always worth as they say – keeping things simple.

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