Capitalisation affecting organic search results?

by Peter Young on September 30, 2008 · 0 comments

There have been rumours around for a while as to the whether capialisation may have an effect on SEO. Just doing a search on google for ‘capitalisation SEO’ returns prominent bloggers such as Jim Boykin, however its not something many SEO’s have considered really until now, myself included.

However John Hill, SEO over at E-Gain New Media alerted into this on SEO uk (or should that be seo uk). His website (both logged in and not logged in), comes in at 5th for ‘SEO uk’, and 16th for ‘seo uk’.

To test whether capitalisation has an effect we have run a test on the term SEO and SEO, with some suprising effects.

SEO (uppercase)

SEO uppercase

and seo (lowercase)

seo lowercase

seo lowercase

Originally I put this down to personalisation, having been on David Naylor’s site previously, and E-Gain’s as well. However logging out the account, also produced similar results, so such a theory has been significantly downweighted.

This is probably only likely to affect a small number of users, however it would be interesting gauging how widespread this is.

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