Google plans launch of call-to-action TV ads in the UK

by Peter Young on September 20, 2008 · 0 comments

Google is planning to launch a trial of branded search calls in TV ads (ala the recent I am Orange Ads) on the UK marketplace, aimed at increasing both search volumes and revenues.

Google have been approaching agencies to get involved in the new trial, which works by directing browsers of TV ads back to the search engines to type in a phrase rather than the direct URL.

According to the NMA

“It(Google) aims to use the trial to measure the uplift in search volume that’s driven by TV ads and test the effectiveness of search prompts within the ad creative.”

Its certainly an interesting move by Google particularly given the lukewarm rollout of many previous campaigns such as the afore mentioned Orange and others such as the DEFRA  campaign. I certainly think this rationale is worth pursuing for a number of reasons:

  • The role of search in the decision making process
  • Many people actively ‘surf’ whilst watching television. It is widely accepted that TV has a significant affect on traffic following periods of TV activity.
  • The use of search as a branding tool. According to a recent study by Google 71% of people expected top brands to be at the top of the search engines (paid and organic)

Watch this space…

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