Legitimate SEO increasing says Matt Cutts

by Peter Young on September 9, 2008 · 0 comments

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, an increasing number of people are shunning black hat search engine optimisation (SEO) in favour of more legitimate (white-hat) SEO techniques. Matt, talking to he CNET News.com, said they have seen the number of websites utilising highly aggressive SEO campaigns such as automated link generators, link networks and link farms fall in recent times – which could be partly attributed to Google’s work to combat such tactics in the form of exclusively created algorithms that close down infringing content, as well as manual approaches to offending websites.

Whilst never seen to be overly condoning SEO, Google and Matt in particular has always worked closely with many within the SEO community. The interview above follows on from his USAToday piece, where he highlighted his five top tips to getting your site positioning in the search engine (yes yes yes, very basic)

  • Spotlight your search term on the page.
  • Fill in your tags
  • Get other sites to link back to you
  • Create a post and blog often
  • Don’t overdo it

You never know – we may one day get account management like many paid search couterparts do (and then again maybe not…)

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